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When considering the needs of your business, the “one size fits all” approach will never work. Every company is unique and needs different things according to its goals, so why should your communications system be any different? A communication system is the primary touchpoint in all contact with your customers and staff, and it is not to be taken lightly. From phones and data to computers and software, there are many different factors that go into what a company will need in its technology, and each company will need something different. This post aims to give you some insight into the importance of customizing your communication system and how that can be done efficiently.

Customizable Communications Systems

Communication systems can be tailored to your business in just about any way you can think of and have many different names. One of the more popular names is unified communications, or UC. UC encompasses many different aspects that, when made to fit your business, can be vital to success:

Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT) & Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) – Utilization of internet to streamline fax, voice and other communications.
• Audio, video and web conferencing – More and more, organizations are turning to conferencing via web and video for increased mobility.
Messaging – Includes the platforms for e-mail, faxes, instant messaging, and voicemail.
• Presence technology – This involves a platform for locating users as soon as they get onto a network. Instant messaging is a common example, as many industries utilize this as a quick way to communicate with others on the same network who may be of assistance to them.
Cloud Communications – Will let you use mobile phones and other devices to connect anywhere you can find a WIFI connection.

Making Unified Communications Systems Your Own

All the above systems are directly impact how business is conducted. One way to personalize your communications system is to integrate mobile phones into your telecom because you feel that will help your employees do their jobs better. You may also want to provide your customers with a top-notch automated self-service system that is quality and delivers a desirable response time. Maybe you need a VOIP system to streamline success in your call -center that you couldn’t have done otherwise with a traditional phone system. Or, you could also want to switch to cloud-based managed communication solutions as you grow your business and move forward.

When selecting the right unified communications solution for your enterprise, planning and making sure you have the right IT team to back it all up is equally as important in the act of customizing communications systems. Because who better to help you customize and scale your systems then an experienced professional? It would not make much sense to have a brand-new phone system that cannot be optimized properly or worked on by experts if there are ever technical issues, which there will always be.

Customizing your communications to meet your company’s needs can mean growth for your business in several ways. For one, it can save you money by making tasks more efficient for your employees and increasing productivity. It can also provide your customers with a better buying experience, increasing the chances of repeat business and solidifying the first sale to begin with, ultimately growing your revenue stream. It is not too late to take a leap forward towards company growth by customizing your communications system to fit your business. Reach out to Beacon Telecom today to see how we can help you find solutions that work for your company’s specific needs.