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integration mobile into business communicationsBusiness phone systems allow your business to communicate and share information through video conferencing, networking, phone systems etc. Advances in technology means more efficiency and that includes mobility. From remote employees to on the go video conferencing and data access via cloud solutions, mobile integration is important for almost any business.

Integrating Mobile Phones into your Telecom

However, mobile phones do not fit easily into most business phone systems. Many businesses use a VoIP system because of it’s capability to connect everyone. These systems give you telephone and conferencing services as well as data storage It is possible to use mobile phones in a business setting but there are disadvantages to them and there are things to consider before switching.

Mobile phones are limited in their ability to:

  • Use call attendant (move calls through a auto voice menu system)
  • Host multi party conference calls
  • Transfer calls within a business phone system
  • Employ versatile video conferencing

Other disadvantages with mobile phones is that they operate using a battery so have to be recharged, they can route calls directly to voicemail by mistake, or have network connection issues. Cell phones can also pose a security problem if the right measures aren’t imposed.

Advantages of Integrating Mobile Phones

On the plus side, mobile phones are often easy to use and let the employee work from wherever he or she is. Employees can use their own cell phones so that the business does not need to provide a business line for each person. Any business that has employees who work from home, travel, or work outside of an office, needs mobile options.

Business Communication Needs and Mobility

A business communication system has to tackle the difficulty of managing multiple phone lines, routing calls to the correct extension, and protecting individual phone lines. For example, you may want to have 6 different extensions as well as have several employees use their own mobile phones to manage incoming and outgoing communications.

A cloud based system is better able to get calls to the correct phone when a customer calls the main business phone number. Having one number for incoming calls that you can get through a PBX phone system is also easier for business listings. Communications both within itself and with other companies is vital.

Cell phones can be integrated into Beacon Telecom’s business network solutions. Lowering costs and increasing flexibility can help your business to really think on its feet. Thinking of integrating mobile into your business telecom system? Contact Beacon Telecom to see how we can help!