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There are two truths about information technology (IT). The first is that IT is pivotal to the success of almost any organization, as the world is massively invested in technology for almost everything. The second is that technology is rapidly evolving, and must be selected with company growth in mind and kept up to date by professionals. From the systems that customers buy your product on, to the phones and computers you choose for your call center, the bottom line is that every business uses technology in some form and it should not be taken lightly. This post is going to focus on scalability of technology and why scaling IT is imperative for the future of any business.

What is Scalability?

The basic definition for scaling something is to change its size or volume, although when something is being re-scaled, it is generally growing larger. When scalability is in reference to technology, this means something similar but goes much deeper. Maybe you need to scale your computer systems by getting more storage, or having the ability to add on helpful software or a new operating system. Can your technology handle the add-on? Is it compatible? Maybe your point of sales software works well with the size of your customer base now, but what if you were to grow your business exponentially? Would the system work best for you then or would it crash? Planning is imperative to knowing the answers to these questions and making sure your technology and IT team are scalable.

What You Need to Make It Work

Some people running a business do not know enough about technology to make sure their systems are up-to-date and running smoothly and efficiently. For those that do, managing and up-keep is a full-time job that needs to be handled by a large enough team of tech-savvy folks. From computer updates and viruses, to security, backlisting’s and failing equipment, there needs to be a team that can handle and adapt quickly. This is another determining factor of scalability, because who else can scale the technology that runs your business better than a dedicated specialist in it? A lot of companies fail to have an IT department that is large enough to take on all the tasks that an expanding company will need, and this can be detrimental to overall productivity and company growth.

Next Steps

With the rapid growth and evolution of technology, scalability within your businesses has to be planned by IT experts long in advance, and adaption and changes need to be made at the drop of a hat. One misplaced code in a new system can mean the difference between 1000 sales, or 0 sales because customers can’t even make it to the purchase page. Something that works for the business now may break when you try to incorporate a new plugin or add-on that could really have helped you out in a certain area. Those involved need to have a strong foundation in IT, and be able to select something that will work for the company in the long run, as well as be able to adapt to changes and tech upgrades quickly. These factors are imperative to scalability with IT and will affect the growth and success of your organization. Get the jump on technology issues in your business, and analyze the scalability of your IT today!