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unified communications for increased productivityIt’s easy to see the difference between productive employees and dead weight. Some people spend their work day accomplishing tasks while others stand at the water cooler.

Lack of productivity stems from a variety of factors, including technology in the workplace. Although technology may be distracting, it is also a tool that can be used to increase productivity in employees. In this post we’ll go over some ways to improve productivity to create a better and more successful business.

Ways to Improve Productivity 

Here are some tried and true ways to reduce distractions, save time, and increase productivity in the office. 

1. Minimize distractions

Technology improves office communications but it also offers social media, news, and personal email. One way to reduce distractions from technology is to separate work periods from rest periods. Work for a set period of time, then take a short break doing a non-work activity. When you return to your work, you will have improved focus and a stronger ability to resist distractions.

2. Give secure consistent access to information

Information helps team members to work more quickly. A reliable and secure business network ensures you can get information and access to others when needed. CRM reports, sales numbers, expense reports, project statuses can be accessed quickly on a high speed network. When you can rely on a strong network, you can get more work done.

3. Streamline communication

Communicating within and outside your office is vital to building your business. A quality business phone system that connects in network and to your customers speeds up communication. Work moves more smoothly when you can connect easily. Extra features such as messaging, voicemail, video conferencing, and data storage make a communication system even better.

4. Collaborate across departments

In today’s business world, with so much specialized labor, teamwork is essential. Online collaboration allows you to work with others through your business phone system as well as collaboration software. Being able to contribute, check project status, and give feedback on your own time helps move projects along.

5. Keep your goals in sight

To reach your goals, you need to have steps along the way you can follow. Make a list of attainable goals and post them where you can see them. Seeing yourself as a productive and energetic person pushes you towards enjoying your job and achieving your goals.

6. Make work time flexible

Mobile devices and connecting to work remotely allow people to work from anywhere they have a WiFi connection. If you can access work anywhere, anytime, you can work when you are most productive or a task needs to be completed. Not every task can be done between 9 and 5. Flexible work times can more productive f or some people

Organizing your time and improving your work environment makes a big difference in how productive you and the others around you are. For information on how to unify communications in your office, contact Beacon Telecom