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Working anytime, anywhere is the new normal, thanks to mobility.

Partners, customers and colleagues expect instant response and personalized service. To engage and execute on market opportunities faster, your employees need to be able to work effectively—wherever their work takes them.

Integrated Employee Mobile Solutions

This means your employees can connect and collaborate using virtually any device — a seamless, unified mobile collaboration experience. But along with the benefits of establishing an integrated employee mobile solution for your business, working in today’s mobile, distributed enterprise poses significant challenges.

If not managed correctly, giving people more options in where they work can impact overall productivity and customer service. Customer requests fall through the cracks. Face-to-face collaboration—critical to teamwork and innovation—may not be so easy to accomplish.

More and more companies are implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies—allowing employees to use personal mobile devices for work. But BYOD also poses significant security, control, and bandwidth management and network downtime issues. You need an approach to mobile communications and collaboration that’s flexible, manageable, and matched to your critical business needs and goals.

Beacon has teamed up with Avaya to bring cost-effective, simple-to-deploy, integrated mobile collaboration solutions that scale to your needs.

Help your users run at business speed with a communications infrastructure that enables mobile and virtual engagement. See the business impact when employees, partners, and customers can connect across networks, locations, and time. Workforces are more available and responsive, and customer experience is seamless and optimized.

  1. Make Mobile Engagement Intuitive

Improve mobile collaboration with user-friendly messaging, video, audio, and web communications. When you empower people to easily share ideas and content, you can boost productivity, and drive revenue, growth, and profit.

  1. Support Whatever Walks in the Door

Support Bring-Your-Own-Device to reduce costs, increase engagement, and enhance communications. Provide business applications on personal devices, across the broadest range of tablets, smartphones, clients, and laptops.

  1. Secure Your Communications

Embrace mobile communications with confidence. Give your employees, consultants, and clients secure access to the enterprise.