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Beacon Telecom Team Collaboration Services: Transforming How Companies Leverage Resources

Customized Employee Team Collaboration Solutions

Customized Employee Team Collaboration Solutions

Communication is at the foundation of any business. Using technology to promote dialogue through employee team collaboration across organizations is a powerful way to transform your business and create a highly effective, productive workplace environment.

Companies today often have cross-functional teams of employees who get together regularly to work on corporate initiatives, discuss progress, and share ideas.

Beacon Telecom specializes in creating secure, flexible, efficient, and highly responsive workplace environments that adjust to change and inspire your workforce to do incredible things. We bring together the best communications technology capabilities to maximize the value of your technology investment.

One App That Does It All: Step up Productivity, Speed Decision Making, Quick and Easy Information Sharing

Seamless Connections

Help employees stay connected, engaged, and reachable by moving seamlessly from one device to another.


Flexible Choices

An easy, consistent experience that lets you use any preferred device to connect whenever and wherever you choose.


Centralized Communications

Easy-to-use app supports messaging, chat, file sharing, meetings, and conferencing for natural communications among teams.

Empower your workforce.  Empower your business.

Unified Communications

We offer a complete and integrated employee team collaboration and unified communications solution with cloud-based support that integrates voice, video, chat, messaging, and screen sharing.

One tool that brings it all together, so your employees can easily manage communications from anywhere, stay engaged, and move seamlessly from a mobile device to their desktops and back again.

Productivity Results

In today’s always connected, instant access business environment, workplace productivity is the new definition of corporate competitiveness. We deliver the ability to communicate and share via cloud computing to enhance the quality of work produced, while decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete projects.

At Beacon, our productivity experts pull from industry experience to determine the right productivity solution for your business.  We specialize in guiding you to leverage the right mix of solutions to empower your people and drive strategic decisions that spur innovation.

Invest in Tech that Brings Teams Together

Beacon Telecom’s collaboration tools deliver seamless, integrative solutions that enable knowledge sharing and engaging experiences to improve your organization’s culture and build actual user experiences along with a strong sense of community.

Our team of experts implement leading-edge technology solutions to your day-to-day business interactions to develop integration between services and engage your employees so that they perform more collaboratively and effectively.  

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, Beacon Telecom’s Collaboration services are for you.