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Build Your Cloud Your Way

As modern business demands shift to prioritize virtualization, it is changing the business technology landscape, providing for the ability for more customization, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

 At Beacon Telecom, we incorporate these factors when working with you to determine which cloud solution is right for your business. With the public, private, and hybrid cloud options available — our consultants analyze your company’s needs and driving forces behind the decisions to provide the best fit recommendation that allows you to access data anytime, anywhere from any device securely.

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions Provider

Cloud Solutions to Meet Your Needs


Mix and match any of our cloud services



Rapidly build and scale compute and storage


Expand your business without a costly investment

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Private Cloud

Beacon Telecom’s private cloud solution provides your business with a fully customizable cloud environment built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization.  Our private cloud provides computing power as a service within a virtualized environment using powerful physical computing resources in our secure, highly efficient, and redundant data center.

Utilizing the private cloud model provides your company more control and privacy for sensitive data information – creating greater peace of mind.

Fully Customizable around business applications
No shared resources
Complete control over sensitive data and information

Public Cloud

Public cloud solutions are cloud services that are provided in a virtualized environment and constructed using pooled, shared physical resources that are accessible over a public network such as the internet.

Beacon Telecom’s public cloud solutions offer a highly flexible, low cost of entry, and allows for the ability to pay for what you need when you need it.  Making it extraordinarily cost-effective, so your business will benefit from the largest economies of scale without compromising any privacy or security.

Low cost of entry
Highly flexible
Ability to pay for what you need when you need it

Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid Cloud solution is a cloud computing environment in which a company manages some computing resources privately and supervises others through public cloud offerings.

Beacon Telecom’s hybrid cloud approach allows for a customized blend of cloud consumption models where sensitive applications can be private, so as not to expose critical internal applications and databases to third party entities.

Allows for a customized blend of cloud consumption models where sensitive applications can be private while public cloud can be used to offset costs and workloads

Beacon Can Help You Choose the Cloud Option that’s Right for You and Set Your Business Up for Successful Cloud Migration