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Communication brings people together and facilitates team and business success. When you add technology to the mix, this communication becomes dynamic and even more beneficial. Unified communications is one such example of technology that amplifies connectivity and productivity. In this post we’ll go over what unified communications is and how it can help your business to succeed.

What is Unified Communications?

Businesses require multiple layers of communication: within one office, across multiple offices, with customers, and more. Connecting with one another in the most effective manner requires a mix of two different modes of communication: real time and non real time. Real-time modes of communication include instant messaging, voice, video, and collaboration tools. Non real-time modes of communication include voicemail, email, text and calendaring. Both modes are equally important to a business’s growth and development. Unified communications uses interface software to integrate both forms of communication, maximizing a business’s connectivity.

What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

Exchanging business ideas, working on projects, and conducting meetings and messaging through unified communications offers many benefits for modern business. 


When connecting with business partners is easy and fast, team members get more done in less time. With worker productivity being a big concern in modern business today, it’s important to have the best tools to get the job done.  Instant message those on your team of the progress on a project. Call your a customer using a clear system. Email your contact list to grab those sales leads. Cross check your channels for documentation and confirmations.


Unified communications expands your business opportunities with the option to add in personal mobile devices. Cloud communications lets you use mobile phones and other devices to connect anywhere there is a Wifi connection. Employees can check in with work on the go, contact customers while away from the office, and access important work tools remotely.


Unified communications allows several communication tools to seamlessly work together, with less steps involved, less interruptions, and quicker connectivity. You can also connect through several tools at the same time, eliminating the need to log in to various platforms individually. Unified communications allows you to not only connect with coworkers using different devices, but also to stay connected with yourself on different devices. Messages and voicemails get to you whether at your desk, on your mobile phone, or traveling with your laptop. You can resume work on one device where you left off on another.


Businesses work best when all of their channels and departments are integrated. With unified communications, the various platforms used by each department are connected, deepening connections both among and between departments. Your business software, accounting system, and customer communications tools can be combined on your internet or cloud system. This saves time and lets your business function more seamlessly. Having all your tools easily available makes projects, responsibilities, and roles more clear to both employees and customers.

Unified communications is extremely beneficial to business, but it does come at a price and the technology may take some time for employees to learn. It is important to understand the options and price ranges available, as well as the specific requirements of your business. Contact Beacon Telecom today to choose the right unified communications system for your business.