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Companies today are highly competitive and must find ways to reduce legacy costs to keep their edge. Communication is essential for running a smooth operation. Businesses need to establish reliable communication channels with customers, clients, employees, vendors, and partners to maintain that edge, but using traditional means can lead to communications cost extremes. Switching a cloud-based phone system has many benefits that save time, increase efficiency, and are easy to scale.

Switch to VoIP and Save

Technology-based communication in its simplest form is the telephone. The telephone system revolutionized the way we do business, but legacy systems are expensive to operate. Twenty years ago, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was in its infancy as an alternative method of voice communication but is now an essential part of business. VoIP communication allows small and medium-sized companies to cut operational costs so they can stay relevant in the big market. Rather than pay the upfront and locked-in fees associated with a traditional phone system as well as the increased routing fees, businesses can use host VoIP solutions that allow the company to post pay and only pay for the services they need.

VoIP phone systems hosted in the cloud also means organizations don’t have to worry about costly physical hardware, maintenance, or upgrading equipment. Companies can use their existing telephones to connect to the hosted VoIP network, and the cost of switching and routing calls is significantly reduced because the bulk of the traffic is handled over the Internet rather than transversing a the full legacy telephone system.

Hosted VoIP Solutions Grow with You

Traditional PBX systems used by companies are not as easy or cost-effective to expand and require physical space to deploy. A hosted PABX is an automated solution that resides in the cloud, so it is effortless to increase or decrease the number of lines needed for everyday operations. Rather than waiting for the new line turn-around, you can order and see near-instant access to additional lines and communication features. Hosted PABX systems have auto-attendants that route calls the desired department with easy. Hosted VoIP solutions also provide detailed reports on all outbound and incoming call traffic and tools that allow employees to handle calls depending on urgency, time of day, or by department; all of which supports Quality of Service (QoS) and predictive analysis on company growth.

Hosted VoIP Goes Where You Go

One of the best benefits of using a cloud-based phone system is the portability. Employees are always connected and can access needed information no matter where they are, which means cloud-based phone systems have excellent geographic flexibility. With VoIP technology and the right cloud communication provider, employees have access to communications via their desk phones, on their laptops, or even a softphone on their mobile smartphone. Business can also connect multiple offices on the same system that are geographically separated.

Reliability of Communication

Host VoIP services provided by a communication partner has built-in network redundancy. A communication provider’s reputation is set on its ability to deliver always-on, reliable voice and communication services. This is made possible because the network resides in the cloud. If a power outage occurs at one site, a redundant second site powers the network, so the service provider’s customers never lose their ability to communicate.

Beyond Traditional Features

Cloud-based VoIP service providers offer all the rich features of the traditional telephone system including, 911 and emergency calling, call waiting, voicemail, fax, caller ID, call forwarding, call blocking, last number dialed, and directory assistance. However, hosted VoIP solutions partners offer double the features with voice to email messaging, conference call bridging, and video conferencing. Quality of Service measurements are built in and allow the company to record communications transactions for quality and training as well. Quality of Service metrics also help mitigate voice traffic volume as well as the sound and transmission quality. Some hosted VoIP features even self-correct in real-time and have support options for ensuring best-in-class communication. Most unified communications service providers go way beyond the basics and can help businesses unlock their true potential at significantly reduced costs.

Choosing a cloud-based VoIP communication partner for your business has never been easier as some of the best providers available can tailor a system to suit your company needs. Gone are the days of over-priced legacy systems that make growing painful and expensive. Businesses can now enjoy more choice, greater flexibility, and reliability at far reduced costs by moving their communication systems to the cloud.