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If you are in the business world, it is unreasonable to think that everyone involved in your business will be in-house at all times. Some companies benefit from hiring contractors in other states, and some even in other countries. Efficient communication, company growth, and extra money can all be attributed to utilizing video conferencing. This post is going to illuminate why video is an important tool to harness for your business ventures.

Efficient Communication

Contract work has skyrocketed lately compared to prior years. 1099 employees make up a growing proportion that now accounts for nearly one third of all jobs added from 2010 to 2014 (Source: Jobs for the Future). Video conferencing closes the gaps between employees and partners that are not in-house, and gives teams the opportunity to relay ideas and information almost as if they were in the same room. Especially with the growing number of contract workers and partners that are in different locations, it is becoming important now more than ever.

Company Growth

Video conferencing also can have a huge part in the expansion of your business. The reason why contract workers and partners from all around are becoming more common, is because sometimes the best person for the job is not in the same state as you, and it is imperative to consider all opportunities for growth as they come.

Maybe the company needs a consultant or a support representative for a new program they are thinking of launching. Oftentimes these types of employees will be in other states and must frequently communicate across the globe. Interviews are another situation where video conferencing can save a company precious time and money in flying out a potential candidate. Video conferencing will streamline international and national communications and touches many aspects of business both large and small. From trainings, meetings, and seminars, to conferences, tech support and mobile tours…the list goes on!

Monetary Savings

It is important to fully evaluate your business needs, limits and budget for video services, especially when considering the technology you will be using to implement these services. Will you be needing VoIP or Digital? What quality of video do you need? It is possible to work within your budget and business needs to get the right video system that will benefit your organization the most, but it must be done carefully.

Once the right technology within the budget has been selected, video will help companies earn and save even more. Paid webinars are one way that businesses can make extra money, and video conferencing enables the speaker to reach hundreds if not thousands of others without leaving their office. There are also many free or decently priced trainings available through video that employees can access from their homes or office, saving the company money in sending them to a lot of different out of state conferences or trainings. The opportunity for financial growth with video is monumental!

Get More Out of Video

Efficient communication and business growth are all possible with the help of video conferencing and technology. It does not even have to break your bank! It may be helpful to get on a video conference with an IT director who can point you in the right direction, because now is a good time to efficiently scale video opportunities in your business. It’s definitely worth the look!