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Technology is always rapidly evolving, and it must be maintained. From picking the right equipment to start and grow your business, to updates and migrations, software installs, CRM platforms and everything in between, technology is a beast that is always restructuring and can sometimes be hard to handle. Not only is choosing the right technology a tricky thing to manage, knowing when to jump ship from current technologies, installing that update, or picking something new for the business is a crucial aspect as well. This post will be highlighting some ways to glean how and when it is appropriate to keep up with new technologies.

Do the Research

Since technology is always evolving, then you must too. One way to stay on top of the new tech trends as they emerge is to utilize the many resources available online. If you are reading this post, then you have already found yourself on a helpful resource: The Beacon Telecom Blog, a business leader’s aide in optimizing a company with unified communications and technologies. Another helpful digital resource that one could consult would be Thoughtworks Tech Radar. This site provides “insights into the technology and trends shaping the future”, and can be a very valuable tool for businesses says Kim Turley in his article 6 Ways to Stay on Top of Emerging Technology. Being informed of new technologies and trends will give you better insight on when the best time would be to make certain moves as well.

Turley also recommends diving into tech news on sites such as TechCrunch and Recode. One could join the newsletter or sign up for email notifications via sites like those to always get the latest details at your fingertips. Perusing the “Technology” tab on a news site called Flipboard also offers helpful information that pulled from a multitude of other sources. Other knowledge pools include tech. channels on Youtube, podcasts such as “StartUp“, industry reports, tech experts or organizations on social media.

Get the Right People

Since technology will always be a huge part of any business, it would only make sense that there be a team of people to handle all the tech issues, questions, updates, and migrations. This is why it is important for you to truly examine your technology needs, and evaluate whether an IT team would be beneficial for your business. Some smaller companies may only need one person to handle it all, and others may need a team of people. Regardless, this decision is not something to be taken lightly, as some businesses can live and die at the hands of their IT department. Therefore, it is also very important to tell your IT department of your company goals, and together, you will be able to have a more efficiently executed plan forward.


Staying on top of the emerging technologies and trends by utilizing the right resources is a very smart move to take towards success in your business. Technology touches almost every aspect in pivotal ways, from the wi-fi connection to the programs installed on the computers and everything around it. It is important to hone in on the technology needs of your business as soon as possible. You can start by exploring the Beacon Telecom site and seeing how we tackle business and technology issues every day. There are also free informational guides at your disposal, because it is never too late to learn about your options in the tech world!