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Technology has changed how we do business, creating efficiencies inconceivable by companies only a few decades ago. Today, communication is instantaneous and global, and companies leveraging current day tech can increase productivity and efficiency, allowing business to stay highly competitive and relevant. Here are a few ways you can save time and ultimately, money, with technology.

Remote Access to Your PBX

Gone are the days of legacy PBX as most competitive businesses have moved to an IP/PBX phone system. The scalability alone is a huge benefit as IP-based phone systems are easy to expand. Traditional PBX systems are cost-prohibitive due to the expense of using legacy copper lines. Additionally, IP/PBX systems allow for both voice and data transmissions on the same network and increase the type of communication your company can offer its clients and employees.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a PBX phone system for your business, all of which can save you time. Aside from the main advantage of converging voice and data over one network, something a traditional PBX system does not do, an IP/BPX phone system allows remote workers to access the network. An IP/PBX that gives your off-site employees access to your network lets remote workers stay connected no matter where they are and allows for greater flexibility in work.

Connecting with Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an excellent way to connect people across space, whether it’s for the interview process, team meetings, client meetings, or one-on-ones. One of the biggest benefits is the reduction in travel time. Traveling for business is both time consuming and exhausting for employees, not to mention, expensive for the company. Using video conferencing to communicate face-to-face allows your employees to spend more time on what matter most, being efficient.

Just like with face-to-face meetings, there are rules of etiquette and tips for maximizing video-conferencing that you should be familiar with before using the system. Once familiar and comfortable with video conferencing, you can bridge distances and gaps between your employees and clients like never before – instantaneously – and increase your productivity while reducing your bottom line.

Find Savings in the Cloud

Operating a data center for your company can be costly from the initial infrastructure purchase to the daily maintenance. Using a cloud service can unlock immediate benefits for your business. Cloud-based services can be used anywhere, and on any device that connects to the Internet. This means your remote workers can have access to the same data and applications as your on-site employees and results in greater collaboration among employees.
Cloud-based services are also easy to scale-up when your company is experiencing growth. You will not need to worry about capital equipment purchases and physical server space when you experience sudden or even steady growth. Instead, your cloud service provider gives you the space you need to expand on the cloud and in a far shorter time, overnight if needed. Conversely, if you need to scale down your business during slower periods, you can easily adjust your services with your cloud provider and save money by only using what you need.

Combine it all with unified communications

If technology has proven indispensable in creating productivity for enterprises today, combining technology services can further unlock the potential to save time and money. Unified communications service providers can increase productivity for business by integrating all the real-time communications including a hosted IP/PBX, mobile applications, video conferencing, and cloud communications services on one platform across multiple devices. By using a unified communications service provider, your company receives tailor-made solutions that fit your business needs under one contract. In addition to the cost savings, your employees don’t have to spend extra time with learning multiple service platforms. Thus, a unified communications service provider decreases the learning curve for effectivity using technology.

A unified communications provider can also bridge mediums in communication seamlessly so that when you are not available to take phone calls, you can still receive your voicemail as an email or as a text message. The integration of communication tools offered by a unified communications service provider increases collaboration between people who can share their thoughts and exchange ideas in real-time.

Time is Money

The adage “time is money” has never been more applicable than it is now, with today’s technology driving cost savings for business. Outsourcing your real-time communications to an expert and giving your employees access to efficiency-creating tools such as video conferencing and cloud-based IP services breaks down the traditional barriers of space and connects people in simple yet secure ways that will support organic growth in your business.