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Communication is a vital tool for every business because it is how messages get across the organization and to consumers. Without communication—whether from emails, video chat, telephony, instant messaging, print ads, radio commercials, or something else—a business could not function or make money.

Nowadays, communication is no longer as simple as just talking face-to-face with another person, and people are not knocking on doors as often as they used to. Technology must be involved, and as more businesses are utilizing contract employees, flexible schedules, and remote teammates and clients, business leaders are searching for reasonable solutions to their evolving communication needs. This post is going to highlight how Avaya can bridge the gap between business-to-business and business-to-consumer support.

Who is Avaya?

Avaya is an industry leader in delivering communications experiences to businesses and individuals. They have a growing repertoire of software and services that enhance the ever-evolving communication needs all over the business world and beyond. Three major avenues that Avaya can provide support for are customer engagement, team engagement, and cloud services.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Avaya Oceana is a feature-packed, omnichannel solution for businesses that aids in crafting and perfecting the ideal outreach plan for keeping customers engaged and coming back for more. Utilizing Avaya’s data collection, seamless system, and workflow integrations, new opportunities are molded and hand-delivered to businesses according to their bottom lines. There are integration options for call centers, employee workstations, team leads, and everyone else involved in the corporate workspace.

Avaya and Your Team

Communications experiences that fit into how your employees work versus interrupting their workflow are where true growth lies. Avaya is working towards providing businesses with a natural, convenient way to engage, share, and respond within their organizations, as well as maximize productivity and collaboration in the immediate and long term!

With Avaya Equinox, owners can see their corporate snapshot, collaborate from web-based apps and enjoy the perks of always-on messaging. Not to mention it makes video conferencing a breeze and gives organizations that company advantage they need to grow strong.

Cloud Integration

Most businesses use up to six different cloud solutions to manage their bulging list of needs. Now more than ever, companies need quality, agility, and speed in their cloud migrations and strategies. Avaya can help with this, in that they personalize the cloud for your business. They provide an open architecture that enhances compatibility and ease of integration in a way that is hard to beat. Flexibility, reliability, security, and scaling being primary areas of focus for Avaya.

Now What?

Avaya offers many communications programs and solutions for large and small businesses alike. To be successful and move forward, business leaders must consider automation and integration services in communication that will enhance business to business, business to consumer and data solutions. Just starting out your new business and curious about how Avaya can help you succeed? Or are you a large company that has been making one thing work, but looking for something better? Give Avaya a call today and let them craft a business communication solution that is right for you!