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advantages of avayaNetworking with clients and other businesses is an important part of the business world. And clear communication is an important part of networking. Interestingly, businesses install phone networks to better network with others!

Advances in communication technology have taken the business world from simple phone calls to email, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Avaya, a leader in business communication solutions, is a leader in scalable, reliable and flexible collaboration tools.

How do Avaya communication products work for you?

Scalable: When your business needs to grow, you may think buy more desks, more phones, and more laptops. But advances in technology allow you to scale up your communications system by easily expanding your IP network, then adding in needed hardware. Avaya uses a converged network that combines both data and voice. And their IP technology connects your system through an internet connection. That means you can grow without adding more cables or more phone lines while using a complete business communication system.

Reliable: Avaya has a reputation for reliable communications tools. Using a fairly large research and development team, Avaya works to ensure they offer quality products that are both advanced as well as cost effective. IP technology is more reliable and has clearer sound quality than traditional business phone systems. And who wouldn’t want clear communications? Your business communication system can be a worry free part of your business.

Flexible: If you remember business phones of 20 years ago, you know they were large clunky contraptions with a few handy features. Today, using IP technology, you can use VoIP handsets and add in mobile phones. You can also add in other technology for data storage and retrieval, video conferencing, and instant messaging. Business phone systems can also add flexibility to your business with features like find me/follow me and whisper (interoffice messaging during client conversations). Find me/follow me allows an individual to predesignate call routing. For example you set an office phone, a mobile phone, a home phone, and then voicemail so that when someone calls you, you can answer using the closest available phone.

Designed for collaboration: Avaya technology allows you to work closely with team members in your office. Great IP phone features such as call waiting and forwarding, voicemail, and conferencing let you work closely with others. The collaboration elements really work well in today’s global economy where connecting with others is vital. Avaya has developed high quality collaboration tools.

Avaya communications solutions do have a few drawbacks. Because Avaya offers cost effective products, there are fewer equipment options and new technology is more difficult to incorporate. However their communication systems are feature rich to streamline your business. Beacon Telecom uses Avaya products because of their commitment to quality.

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