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Whether you have your own business or work for a larger company, communications solutions are important. Just as you work to build customer relationships, you want to have business relationships that work as well. Your communications system should give you valuable business tools; and you should feel you have a strong relationship with your communications provider.

What Customer Support Should Be

Business services can be top notch but quality customer service adds that extra touch. Support tells customers that they are important and that their questions can be answered.

The best companies take the time to make sure that their customer support is responsive and clear. They don’t just serve you when you need assistance, they take time to build a continuing relationship with you. Have a question? They know who you are. Having a recurring problem? They’re familiar with your history. They will work with you to resolve issues in the best way.

Selecting a Cloud Communications System

When selecting a cloud telecommunications system for your business, here are some of the services that customer service should provide:

• Short emergency response time
• 24 hour customer service
• Traffic and capacity analysis
• Systems training
• Upgrades as they become available

How Traffic Analysis Works

One part of quality telecom service is traffic analysis or cloud analytics. This involves intercepting message packets, then graphing them to understand normal traffic patterns. Once a clear picture of traffic patterns emerges, your telecom service can watch for anomalies that would indicate a threat or overly high use.

For example, a telecom administrator can spot a DOS attack, let you know, then work with you to get it resolved. Having a company who can contact you whenever there unusual behavior can really save your company risk and excess charges.

How Training Should Work

Knowing how to fully use your business communications solution is paramount. Video conferencing, transferring data, and setting up find me/follow me can be tricky. Your telecom service should provide you with training so that you and your employees know how to use all the great features with your phone systems. 

When selecting a telecom company, be sure to find out about their customer services package. What services do they provide? Are there service levels available for purchase or as part of the communications service? Contact Beacon Telecom, who partners with Avaya for communications systems, to get more information.