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benefits of pbx phone system for businessWhen you run a business, it is easy to get really focused on just selling a product or service. But there are components every business needs to run smoothly that may get overlooked. A major part of every business is communication. And just as it’s important that your logo, marketing, and business front convey an image of your company, your communications service adds to (or detracts from) that image.

A quality PBX system can seamlessly connect your business internally as well as externally to your customers. And just like a good automobile, you don’t think about the convenience and features you have unless something goes wrong. So choosing a reliable system that fits your business adds to what your business can do.

What can a good PBX system offer you?

There are several benefits to a PBX phone system for businesses including:

  • Unified Communication: businesses function more smoothly when it is easy to communicate. From phone calling and messaging to video conferencing and a find me system (which directs phone calls within your network), your business can increase productivity. Connecting within your organization and to your customers outside keeps business flowing.
  • Flexibility: small to large businesses need a system that connects offices, branches or teams easily and reliably. A good cloud based PBX system can grow with your company when you need it. It can also use office based phones, mobile phones, and other electronics for communication options to best fit your employees.
  • Simplified Management: an internet based PBX system runs without having to hire staff to keep it running. A remote management system means you can access services or controls from wherever you work. Your PBX system provider takes care of the technical issues for you.
  • Better Service: a clear communication channel is a sign that you want to communicate with your customers. A PBX system is up and running when you need it. The sound quality is high and the price better than many other communications options.
  • Reliability: a quality PBX system makes sure phone calls are routed to the right area, messages are easily accessible, and employees can access the system from wherever they work, anytime. A reliable cloud based system means that the communications system stays connected. Any problems with your system? Simply call your PBX provider for support.

How are PBX systems efficient?

Well priced services that increase your productivity are well worth it and PBX systems are less expensive than regular calling plans. Having a combination of office phones, video conferencing equipment, and a bring your own device policy, lets you customize your plan to fit your actual needs. Choose the features and equipment you need!

Once you figure out what you need for your business, you can communicate in ways that maximize efficiency. This can save you over 70% from the cost of a network of individual landlines. Cloud based systems also give you the communications without all the technical worries. Choose a plan that is right for your business with the features you need.

If you’re looking for help or advice figuring out the best phone system for your business, let Beacon Telecom guide you.