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benefits of cloud servicesThe costs in time and money to operate a data center can be steep. The upfront purchase expenditures, resulting overhead and maintenance turn out to be a significant cost center for many businesses. Of course, there’s no getting away from the fact that you require technology to run your company, but does it have to be this expensive? Thanks to the cloud, the answer is no.

Reduced Expenses

There are certain fundamental necessities one needs to successfully operate a business. Cloud services can benefit your business by reducing expenses. 

Monthly Bills

The most basic element is power. You’ve got enough on your financial plate just keeping the lights on and adding a data center to the mix ups your monthly power bill exorbitantly. Moving workloads that you’d normally run in your data center to the cloud you’ll put less stress on your hardware thus requiring less power and cooling costs.

Capital Investments

If you’re just starting out or if you’re due for an upgrade, consider moving as much of your computing to the cloud before making any big purchases. Buying all the equipment you need (racks, servers, fans, cabling, etc) in one felled swoop is expensive, to say the least. Operating your company’s IT services from the cloud eliminates the need for these initial investments.

Increased Connectivity

This is not immediately obvious, but utilizing cloud services reduces a business’s reliance on pricey desktops. Employees have a larger variety of ways to connect to your cloud servers so they can use their own devices to do so. Mobile communications is  good for your business and employee productivity.


IT professionals don’t come cheap! They’ve got specialized knowledge and their paycheck reflect that. Operating a data center on-premises means that you must have multiple IT experts on staff at all times. With mid-level IT administrator’s salaries around $60k per year, you can expect to pay a pretty penny to have someone essentially babysit your data center. A cloud service would eliminate the need for onsite IT pros entirely.

Lower Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, cloud services have lower overall maintenance issues that will benefit your business in the long run. 

Initial Setup

When first implementing your IT equipment, there’s a great deal of work to be done. Configuring servers is a time consuming ordeal and mapping your data center isn’t exactly a cake walk. Moving to the cloud means you can let someone else worry about the heavy lifting.

Software/Hardware Updates

If you’re solely responsible for the applications running on your private equipment, you’ve put your company in a position to constantly stay on top of necessary software updates. Cloud applications update automatically which means you don’t have worry about it.

Same goes for the hardware. Just like in your own data center, the hardware cloud service providers keep in their data centers needs replacing. It can be a nightmare ripping and replacing this complicated equipment. But, if you’re utilizing a cloud provider, it’s not your problem!

Backup and Recovery

One of the most important perks of signing up with a cloud provider is that they have fail safe plans built into their infrastructure. They don’t run all of their client’s environments in just one place and they’ve ensured that if there were to be an incident compromising the primary location your infrastructure is operating from that they have backup servers ready to carry the load.

24/7 Monitoring

The sole purpose of a cloud provider, as they see it, is to allow 100% of your IT capabilities to be available at all hours of the day with remote support. Around the clock monitoring is a standard so if you’re burning the midnight oil and something goes awry you can have peace of mind that there’s someone there who’d already spotted the issue and is working hard to fix it.

Cloud providers make your IT management a breeze. Without the near constant attention a data center requires, you and your employees will be freed up to focus on what’s really important, your business.

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