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mobile security tips for your businessThe use of mobile devices and wireless systems opens your business up to security risks. The same avenues that we love for efficient means of finding, storing, and exchanging information, are the ones that can be the most dangerous. 

The good news is that by setting security measures for mobile devices, you can prevent the changes of private data being hacked or lost. Securing mobile devices is possible—a combination of best employee practices and technical measures can block out most security threats to your business. 

What security measures should you implement to protect information?

When it comes to securing information in a cloud system, there are several measure you can take.

Encrypt Files

One way to protect information is to use an encryption software that scrambles files and data when sent through unsecured WiFi. Using this type of software makes it so that if anyone intercepts the information, it will look like nonsensical code. Encryption is a simple, low cost way to transmit private information.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Whether you use simple passwords or more complex organization wide authentication (which would include levels of access and several gatekeeping methods) put this effective measure in place. Setting up this type of system can be complex but once in place, it is easy to change passwords as needed. This includes setting up two-step or multi-factor authentication and changing employee passwords on a regular basis. 

Use Secure Apps and Software

Each type of mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) uses apps and software that are approved only for those specific devices. Approved programs have secure updates and improvements to keep hackers out. They are also designed to work with each type so there are fewer malfunctions. In order to ensure that employee devices are secure, make sure that they’re using only approved programs on their own devices. 

Allow only Securable Mobile Devices

When employees use company provided computers as well as their own devices, security can really be strained. Be sure to have policy which restricts business information and files to securable devices. If employees have a phone, a tablet, or a portable computer used for work, it should have the capability to have passwords and encryption on it.

Other helpful measures to have in place to maintain security is to only use secure WiFi, install malware software, change passwords regularly, and periodically check your system security. Hackers can get into public WiFi systems. They can send malware that steals passwords and intercepts emails. Keep them out!

Hackers can target both small and large companies. With the wide use of mobile devices, WiFi security is a real concern. Regular checks that your system is secure keeps the security measures you put in places strong.

Hackers and viruses can pose a threat. But there are great ways available to make sure your data and business information is safe. Let Beacon Telecom’s team of experts be part of your security policy.