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Gone are the days when a phone call meant dialing an operator, then having him or her connect you to someone across town. Phone lines, the internet, and WiFi service allow us to quickly connect with people around the globe. Business telephone systems are vital to a business and need to operate efficiently and reliably. Your phone service should function as a seamless, feature rich part of your daily business. If it doesn’t, it might be time to upgrade your phone system. In this post we’ll cover PBX phone systems and how they can be used to seamlessly integrate your business telecom.

What is a PBX system?

A PBX system stands for private brand exchange. PBX is a telephone system that allows calls between users on separate lines while enabling external calls to show as one number. PBX is a great solution for businesses who need the phone features many businesses come to expect. PBX systems traditionally had expensive phones connected through a network of cables to a central computerized switchboard. Many businesses still use these systems but they are outdated.

An IP PBX system is similar to the traditional system but the computer application is internet based. An IP system is efficient but limited to the amount of bandwidth you buy. These systems are less expensive and very efficient. A virtual PBX system is cloud based and designed to manage internal communication. To have additional business calling features with inbound and outbound calls you integrate it with a VoIP system. Cloud based systems are turn-key and don’t require additional equipment or staff.

What are the advantages of PBX?

Both IP and virtual PBX systems can be used with mobile phones, and other electronic devices. 

Key features of a PBX system often include:

  • Virtual receptionist service
  • Voicemail
  • Email
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference Calls
  • Data Storage
  • Monitoring and Analysis

How can PBX systems help your business?

When calls come into your business, a PBX system, through the control center, automatically routes calls through to the correct phone. If the phone call isn’t answered, the caller can leave a message which can then be accessed from the employee’s phone or forwarded as an email to be opened on a computer.

A PBX system works well for call centers and businesses with multiple offices because it can route calls to the next available agent or right employee. One of the best features of an internet based business application is the ability to monitor and analyze and have remote telecom support. Knowing call volume, voice quality, and the presence of security breaches helps you to better manage your office system.

It is important to know what type of business communications system your company needs and PBX systems each offer different price points and features. Beacon Telecom can help you select the best unified communications plan for your business. Contact us today!