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Communication is vital for an organization to function well. Unified communications increases productivity and streamlines processes, which is great for individual departments and company-wide goals. One such department that benefits from unified communications is human resources.

Implementing unified communications in your human resource department can improve recruiting, hiring, and training, and enhance the company culture overall.

Below are the top five benefits of unified communications for human resources departments.

Improve Hiring Decisions

When you need new employees, you must decide what openings you have in your company and how you can best fill them. Do you need a person skilled in analyzing, bringing in new leads, or developing new products? How would a new employee add to the team of workers you already have?

Your hiring team needs to work together to decide on job openings, advertise them, then select candidates. Hiring software along with video conferencing, instant messaging, and email communication helps to open communication and facilitate hiring decisions.

Expand Recruiting Base

To get the best employees you need to have the best applicants. Opening up the job to more candidates can help you attract a better pool. That requires both advertising and good word of mouth. Good communication tools, such as reliable internet and telephone helps you to connect with potential candidates.

Interestingly, 75% of applicants to a job never hear back. That missed opportunity to communicate with them reflects a poor company culture. Let candidates know you received their application and where they are in the hiring process. Then, those whom you decide to hire know your company culture includes fast, open communication.

Better Quality Onboarding for New Hires

The best way to bring on new employees is to introduce them to and include them in the company culture. Send them company emails right away. Make their first day on the job interesting and fun. Have an employee or a team of employees who can show the new hire the ropes in a positive way. Be sure to set clear expectations early and often. Unified communications can help to overcome barriers to this type of communication and provide a more inclusive experience for new hires.

One way to smooth orientation is make sure they have a company telephone line, access to communication tools, and training in how to use those tools. Comfort with your tools of the trade helps to put new hires at ease.

Retain Employees

Employees who feel valued and a part of the culture are more likely to stick with your company. One way to do this is to let employees know they can approach management with any concern and have their opinions heard. Another is to allow flexible work schedules. A business communication system with telephone lines, conferencing tools, and messaging tools, lets employees open up as well as work remotely.
The right tools can make a big difference in how employees feel about their work environment.

Share your Corporate Culture

A corporation with a tradition of strong communication ensures that everyone has a voice. A business communication system that is instantly available and easily scalable helps a business run smoothly. Internet or cloud based phone systems come with easy set up, easy access, clear voice, and an array of tools. Just as your office space can help employees feel they work for a quality company, communication tools can do the same.

Telecommunications and the cloud can equip human resources departments with the tools to cultivate a productive and connected culture. When you hire high quality employees, you can create a strong company with staying power. Your communications company should provide you with a trusted long term relationship. Contact Beacon Telecom for your business needs.