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ways to overcome barriers to communicationSocial Media, the internet, and flexible work spaces have moved the modern workplace towards collaboration. Instead of employees working in cubicles, we have teams networking on projects together. Unfortunately, having a quality business network does not ensure everyone at your business can collaborate successfully.

Communication difficulties, network problems, and personal issues can complicate collaboration for any business. Resolving these complications can improve efficiency and streamline your business. Here are 5 common barriers to business communication and how to overcome them.

1. Teamwork Hierarchy 

Businesses have different levels of management—an entry level employee functions differently than a C-level executive. When you assemble a team, it is inevitable that there will be a process for communication between employees on different levels. Creating a process for approval and communication will aid in developing a collaborative and productive workplace and reduce the barrier of hierarchy.

2. Network problems

Missed connections and delayed service make it difficult to collaborate in real time. Team members need to connect through voice, video, messaging, and project sharing. Downtime and connection difficulties waste an estimated 40% of work time. Have a reliable business telecom network so you can make collaboration easier.

3. Fear of Change

Familiar ways of working are comfortable. Working with different team members, trying new ideas, putting together unique projects, all require moving out of your comfort zone. When we allow change, we open ourselves to the opportunity to new ideas and stronger business decisions. New technology requires adapting your business processes because improvements happen when you allow changes. If you business fears change, you may want to ask yourselves whether you’re overdue to upgrade your telecom technology.

4. Support on ideas and projects

When someone puts together a new idea or project, support from others on your team help those ideas to grow. When you collaborate, it is important to let others know when they have a good idea and to offer opinions on the success of projects. Creating clear communication helps to come to consensus. Work moves more quickly when team members support each other.

5. Fragmented communication

Many businesses use various technology including mobile devices. Different types of devices and software create barriers to communication. For example, an employee with a non-compatible mobile device who does not check messaging presents a communication challenge that can decrease productivity. Compatible technology like cloud VoIP and mobile integration is essential for seamless business communication. 

Businesses vastly underestimate the costs of poor collaborative efforts. Not only do people function better if they collaborate more successfully, but your business can better grow. Great collaboration translates to more successful projects, less expense, happier clients, and a growing business. Quality telecom services gives you the tools to successfully collaborate. If you need help improving your business communications, Beacon Telecom may be able to help.