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office mangers guide to business phone systemsThe boss lets you know your office needs a new phone system. You may know the budget. You know how many employees need to have a line. You may have to check into what kind of phone system you had before.

You know you can make good decisions but you’ll have to ask good questions. Are there existing phone lines? Does the budget include installation plus monthly fees, and the cost of add-ins? 

When you choose a phone system, you have many parts to think about. And making everyone in the office happy is no easy task. What service provider should you choose? What features are available? But the most important question to start with is what does your office need in a VoIP system? 

Cost Effective

Businesses want to save money on expenditures while making money on sales. As a first step, go online and compare VoIP phone services for the best value. Look at both monthly costs and features. VoIP phone systems are easier to install than on-premise phone systems. That’s a relief! Interestingly, an IP based system has clearer voice at a lower monthly price.


Quality business phone systems offer everything your office needs at a reasonable cost. It’s important to balance your office needs when choosing a VoIP system, such as number of phone lines, voicemail transcription, find me/follow me and video conferencing at a cost that improves your ability to conduct business well. Look at available VoIP features and decide which packages will benefit your office the most.

Cloud Based

Most businesses use cloud based computing. Your office may already have cloud based data storage. Your business phone system is no exception. A cloud IP phone service usually has remote support with both data and phone capabilities and allows you to add in mobile phones easily. Best of all, everything runs smoothly in a cloud environment. 

Great Features

When selecting a system, you want to ensure your business needs are met and that the system is easy to use. A good phone system can spark collaboration. Of course, when a new business phone system is installed, it’s important to get to know how to use it. You can use your new system much more fully if you understand how to use all the great features it comes with. There may even be online training available!


Employees don’t want to worry if the business phone system is working or not. Reliability means you know your communication tools are always available. Make sure the service provider you select offers consistent connections with quality customer service. Reliable phone systems optimize your business.

Making the right choice involves clear thinking to get the best communication system for your office. Choosing tools that help work to flow smoothly will put smiles on everyone’s faces. Imagine, a positive work environment without even having to make an office morning bagel run! Beacon Telecom offers quality communication tools.