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For businesses—call centers especially—improving customer service improves the bottom line. Great customer service involves getting to know your customer and building relationships. One call center solution that can facilitate this aspect of your business is call recording software.

With call recording, you can download and replay phone calls easily through your business phone system. In this post we’ll go over how call monitoring and recording can improve your business or call center.

Improve Your Product or Service

Customers call in to ask questions or get assistance with your product or service. Recording the call allows you to listen carefully to complaints and suggestions. Using analytics reveals patterns found in the customer comments about your business. You can then use this information to make improvements.  

Strengthen Training

Your call center representatives should be attentive to detail and calm under pressure. Using recorded calls as part of training helps to point out what customers do when they call in.

Having examples demonstrates better ways of handling customer interactions and how a representative can best handle the phone calls. Real life examples strengthen a call center training program. 

Improve the Customer Experience

Customers who call in can be pleasantly surprised when their customer service representative knows how to answer their question or resolve their issue without putting them on hold or referring them to someone else. Call recording can aid with improving customer service in this manner.

Call recording helps you to build a database of commonly asked questions and the best responses. Your database can be easily accessed by employees through your business communication system. That way, specific support requests don’t need to be “triaged” or rerouted to a person better suited for the job. Everyone will be able to answer questions and resolve issues effectively.

Create Buyer Personas

Understanding the typical customer who calls your center is essential for effective marketing and service. Call recording helps you to gather data on your callers: common characteristics, typical pain points, and various circumstances they are in. With this data you can come up with one (or more) buyer personas to help you clarify your messaging and resonate more with your target audience. You can also come up with “caller personas” to enhance your training and call center services.

Call center recording is an important element of a call center communications system. Call recording will be included in most business communication systems, but make sure by talking with your provider first.