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telecom for business complianceMaintaining compliance standards when introducing new technology can be quite the challenge. Whether you’re in an industry with a lot of red tape or at an organization with internal compliance standards, your telecommunications solution can be an integral component in keeping your company within bounds.

With the right telecom solutions, your worries can be alleviated. Here are 3 ways that telecom solutions can help improve and streamline your business compliance. 

1. Phone Call Metrics

Especially helpful for companies who spend the majority of their customer facing time over the phone, having the capability to draw meaningful metrics from your telecom system is a huge perk. Call centers, for example, rely heavily on their employee’s ability to quickly solve customer issues in order to free up their lines for the next caller. If your staff spends most of their time taking calls, your telecom system could enable you to track the following:

  • Call duration
  • Outgoing vs incoming call volume
  • Conversation content through call recordings
  • Time spent logged off or unavailable to take calls
  • Idle time between calls

Having this data at your fingertips not only provides valuable feedback for your management staff but also keeps departments compliant with meeting service standards.

2. Maintain Data History

Keeping emails, voicemail, and video conferences for future reference can be important. Many telecom companies can equip you with the ability to archive specified data for extended periods of time. This can be very attractive for companies that deal in sensitive information such as lawyers, doctors, and finance professions.

Being able to reach into the past for vital information is readily available when you’re running a telecom system. Use this feature to pull up archived contracts, email chains containing pertinent conversations with vendors or customers and phone calls needed to bring clarity to a present situation.

3. Employee Accountability

Aside from technical compliance matters, telecom systems also help keeping your employees compliant with their day to day tasks, especially if working remotely, which is one of the many benefits of telecom systems.

Reaching your employees at all times during the workday, connecting with them via video conference, being able to verify they’re logged into the phone system and monitoring their behaviors throughout the day help to keep them on task and compliant with their day to day responsibilities. It also keeps them protected from liability if ever there was a dispute between your organization and a client.

Before purchasing a telecom system, determine what features will be important to you and your company in the future. Not all systems come fully equipped with these solutions and you may not require this level of compliancy. There is no one size fits all – find the solution that works best for you!