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6 benefits of SIP trunkingIn the business world, you have probably heard the phrase “it’s about synergies.” The business world is always moving so many of the phrases used frequently in business are about that movement, collaborating, and making money. But communicating great ideas and taking action can sometimes be difficult.

There are essentially two ways to facilitate communication: have great business communication services and learn to communicate clearly with others. SIP Trunking is one way in which you can improve your business communications.

What is SIP Trunking?

If you already have a PBX phone system for your business, you can connect it to an Internet based system using a method called SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking involves connecting a VoIP system to a pre-existing PBX system. The advantages of SIP Trunking are immediate and noticeable, which is why it is so popular among businesses.

6 Benefits of a SIP Trunk System

1. Adds data, voice, and video to your phone system

Collaboration is so much easier when you can access data, instant message, and have conference calls from one business phone system. Instead of a patchwork of collaboration tools, you have everything in one system. Video communication is especially valuable for video conferencing.

2. Allows emergency calls and directory assistance

One of the biggest drawbacks to a PBX system is it is there isn’t access to a public phone system. Adding the IP element allows you to call emergency numbers and get phone directory assistance which are both valuable features.

3. Makes all calls local calls

If your business makes long distance phone calls often, the costs can really add up. But a VoIP system saves money because it makes all calls local ones. International business calls are affordable as well, making it easier to connect globally. You not only save on the phone system installation, you save each month.

4. Improves reliability

SIP Trunking transforms your business phone system into a more reliable one. Power failures and downed phone lines don’t disable a VoIP system. Your phone system connects your business all the time, improving efficiency and productivity.

5. Adds mobility

PBX systems reside within your office. Connecting in an IP system allows employees to utilize their own mobile phones and other electronic devices. This saves money and lets employees work from wherever they are. Since more and more employees work on the go, mobility fits in with the modern flow of business.

6. Creates value

When a business phone system creates a high return on your investment, you can invest the savings into growing your business. When you add in a VoIP system, you combine the PBX equipment you already have to the internet through the trunk. The cost is low, the benefits high. Reducing overhead and streamlining communications not only keeps your CFO happy, it adds tools your company needs to connect within your business and to your clients.

Think SIP Trunking might be a good solution for your business? SIP Trunking is available through Beacon Telecom—contact us for more information.