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considerations when choosing mobile business phonesWhen you need a mobile phone for work, you may think it is as simple as going to the cell phone store and buying a phone you like. But to really get the best phone and plan for your business, you should consider first what your business’s needs are.

Businesses rely on good communication, so it is worth it to select the best phone, plan, and options for the work you do. Here are 7 things to consider when choosing mobile phones for your business operations.

1. Research how your business uses mobile communication

Before making any buying decisions you should be informed about how your business uses mobile communication. Ask yourself and your employees how they use their phones to determine which features and plan you will need. Look at communication needs within your business to find out how you connect with customers, other businesses, and how employees communicate with each other. This gives you an inside look at what your business needs before a decision is made.

The following questions can help to understand business calling needs:

  • How often do you make calls? Do you need the phone during business hours? Evenings and weekends?
  • Where do you call? Are the calls local or do you make international calls too?
  • Is text messaging a necessity? Would it help increase or decrease employee productivity?
  • What other phone features would be helpful? Text? Email?

2. Consider security needs

Sensitive or secure data, private phone conversations, and financial or personal information needs to stay in safe hands. Mobile phones present a challenge because of vulnerabilities including Wifi connections, hacking and theft. Some phones are easier than other to protect with strong passwords, encrypting apps, and remote erasing if a phone is stolen is lost.

Be aware of potential risks and how the mobile device you select can keep information secure. Then research which phone models will be best for security.

3. Research apps

Business software and handy tools are easily available on mobile devices. However, iOS (Apple) devices have different apps than Android or Windows. If you choose Android phones, for example, but use an app only available through Apple, you will have to make adjustments. Compatible software helps work to flow more smoothly. Be sure to do some research on which mobile apps will offer the best options for your type of work.

4. Consider organization tools

Each type of phone offers handy tools such as calendars, reminders, password keepers, and other features. Organizing the work day and keeping track of your employees is important. Choose a device that makes it easy to do so. Being able to sync your phone calendar to your business agenda or look up your password streamlines your day. Determine which tools are easiest to use.

5. Battery life

Unlike business phone systems mobile devices have batteries. If you have ever seen an airport charging kiosk crowded with travelers, you know that keeping phones charged is a common challenge. Some mobile phones have longer battery lives than others. If you travel for business or are away from a power source for long periods of time, you’ll need a reliable phone. Factor in battery life when making decisions about mobile phones.

6. Coverage maps

Businesses need to connect with their customers. A missed call, poor connection, or unavailable service can hurt the bottom line. Most mobile phone carriers provide a map of each service area. Choose a phone carrier who meets your business coverage needs. A low cost plan or good deal on phones does not solve the problem of missed customer calls!

7. Cost

Budgeting communication costs may be an important concern, but the price tag needs to be weighed against the benefit to your business. Make sure your business has a phone service plan that fits its needs. Factor in the following,

  • Cost of the cell phone
  • Monthly service fees (depending on the plan your business chooses)
  • Cost of any additional fees

Most phone carriers offer an online calculator to determine which plan best meets the needs of your employees. Choosing the plan that meets the needs of your business rather than just the budget gives your business the chance to grow.