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upgrade business telephone system bostonWhen was the last time you did a refresh on your company’s phone systems? Chances are, unless there was an issue with your current system, you haven’t given it much thought. But, there are plenty of reasons to modernize communication within your office.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s time to upgrade your business’s phone system.

1. How old is your phone system?

With technology advancements moving at the speed of light, chances are that your current communications system is quite antiquated. If you’re not utilizing any cloud services in your communication landscape you’re probably operating on outdated hardware and equipment.

2. Is your phone system working for you?

Employees are on the move more and more these days and static communication systems can become quite the hindrance. Your workforce must be flexible and nearly always accessible to colleagues and, most importantly, customers. If your phone system doesn’t enable mobile communications for your employees to work remotely or use services like video communications, it’s time for an upgrade. 

3. Do you spend time managing your phone system?

Our most valuable asset is time. If you’re spending time monitoring your phone systems or troubleshooting problems, you’re not effective utilizing yours. VoIP telephone systems offer remote support that can free you and your employees from the headache of system management. Focusing on your business’s goals should be a top priority; not managing your telecom system. 

4. Does your phone system keep you connected at all times?

As we become increasingly mobile, our communication systems must support that mobility. With people on the road, working from home and in the office, if your phone system cannot keep everyone connected (ie provide you the ability to transfer calls to coworkers from your cell phone), then you’re likely due for an upgrade.

Updating to a VoIP Telecom System

To keep relevant in today’s market we need to be increasingly accessible and our phone systems can help us do that. By assisting your sales force in becoming more productive, having connectivity to your CRM and other applications, and being a hub for data analytics that help you predict staffing needs, assess employee performance levels, and analyze customer behaviors, your phone system can have a tremendous effect on the success of your business.

What many organizations are choosing to do currently is updating to a cloud supported communications plan. Moving a phone system to the cloud not only takes the management piece off your hands, but it also provides an increased level of operational efficiency. Software updates happen automatically for many cloud service providers so you’ll always be up to date with the latest technology available. Another major concern with a static phone system is that scaling is problematic. Adding new employees or locations can be a huge undertaking. But, with a cloud managed system, much of the heavy lifting can be done virtually by your service provider.

When considering updating your business’s phone system, research the services, pricing, and support offered by a provider. Need help deciding if you should upgrade your phone system? Contact Beacon Telecom and see how easy an update can be for your business.