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IP telephony boston businessesWhat if there was a tool for your company that made your work more flexible and collaboration easier? You may think this is software program or a business consultant, nut, flexibility and collaboration can actually be found in your business phone system. Many businesses use a phone system based on PBX; incorporate internet technology and you get IP telephony, a great business solution.

How do IP Telephones Work?

Businesses need to collaborate and communicate easily. To solve this, your business hires a phone company to install a network of VoIP phone lines so you can make telephone calls, route calls to the right line, conference with coworkers, and receive voice messages. The network of phone lines is then connected to public phone lines to reach your customers. However a traditional PBX system is expensive because of the equipment required.

Happily, the internet has solved the problem of high cost phone systems that are limited to the installed phone lines within a business. Internet protocol (IP) is a phone system that uses a software program installed on a company server. All the calls are routed through this server, streamlining your phone operations.

The advantages of using IP phone systems is that your phone system costs less overall, has technical support, is scalable for a growing company, and has clearer voice service. IP not only provides phone service, it can change the way your company conducts business:

How does IP add flexibility?

Internet Protocol telephony is said to add flexibility to business operations—but how exactly does that flexibility translate into business operations? IP telephony adds flexibility to your business in the following ways:

  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • Scalable, which means that you can add networks or expand phone lines to fit your business needs
  • Connects over long distances to make it easier to work remotely, connect offices, and communicate with clients anywhere
  • Integrates mobile phones so employees can connect into your business phone system from anywhere
  • Reduces location limitation by allowing for remote work and intra-office collaboration

How does IP improve collaboration?

Speaking of collaboration, one of the major benefits of IP telephony is the ability to collaborate with employees and vendors without relying on location-based productivity. With this type of communication, you can say goodbye to the days of in person meetings and traveling to other offices. Improve collaborative efforts for your business such as:

  • Communicate easily and clearly with coworkers through your IP network
  • Facilitate video conferencing to combine voice and visual communication for planning and coordinating business projects.
  • Store and access business data using your IP network which allows easy access from anywhere within the network

The global business world changes rapidly so you need to have the technology to adapt and success. Businesses need to be agile enough to adopt new technology quickly so they can better compete in a global economy. Internet and cloud based systems using IP telephony allow businesses to rapidly update technology to be flexible and collaborative. For more information on how to make your business communicate effectively, contact Beacon Telecom today.