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security concerns for business telecomSometimes we get so caught in the words we use at work, we forget what they mean. For example, the buzzword cutting edge is a term that someone may throw around loosely to mean “new.” However, cutting edge refers to something that is both new and innovative.

With VoIP telephony, knowing some of the technical terms can help you to better manage your system. One concern with any internet based system is security. Knowing the terminology can help you better find solutions to VoIP compromises.

Security Threats to Business Telecom Systems

Most IP phone based attacks are from outside sources. The good news is most attacks can be prevented if you implement security measures for your business. So what security threats are out there against your business telephone system?


A spoof is an imitation of something. A spoof attack is when a hacker obtains access to your phone system, pretends to be part of your company, then obtains information in your data or messaging system. Spoof attacks take effort on the part of the hacker. Securing your phone system and monitoring for unusual network activity can stop spoof attacks.

Toll Fraud

Toll fraud isn’t avoiding paying a fee on a toll road. It is actually when someone breaks into your system and makes telephone calls, usually long distance ones. This threat can become costly because once in your system, the thief will usually continue to make long distance calls until prevented from doing so. Diligent monitoring of your business phone system can catch toll fraud more quickly.


When you think of worms, you may think of wiggly creatures found in the dirt. Worms is also a term that describes an attack where malware enters your network, then grows. The malware itself copies itself within the system. Worms can be designed to take up bandwidth, delete files, or send documents through email. Your phone service provider can help you detect and get rid of malware.

Port Scanning

This term may sound like when you search an ocean port for ships. Instead, it refers to the internet connection ports used within computer systems. These ports can be hacked, allowing someone to get into a system through an open connection. Port scanning requires some technical know how and time to monitor for vulnerabilities. Using encryption for sensitive data can protect information in case of a port attack. 

Denial of Service (DDoS attacks)

A denial of service may bring to mind images of a shirt and shoes required policy. Instead, this type of attack is not easy to resolve quickly. A DDoS attack floods your system so that your internet shuts down. If your business is vulnerable to this type of attack, you should take security precautions to prevent it.

Having a smooth running business phone system is important. Being aware of potential security threats can help you plan both prevention and a plan of action when detected. Working closely with a high quality service provider like Beacon Telecom can keep your system safe. Need help securing your business telephone network? Contact Beacon Telecom today.