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If you have ever been to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), you know that on the outside there is a barrier, armed guards, and a security system. On the inside, the computer systems are designed to be secure and are carefully monitored. Having both the inside and outside secure is very important to keeping financial and personal information safe. Your business may not be the New York Stock Exchange, but when it comes to your private business information, you should treat it as such.  .

Security of information is an important issue for business owners. Business phone systems along with other technology and move information between parties. To keep this information secure, you should think about keeping your technology secure as well as your office space.  How do you know if your data is secure? Here are 5 key ways to securing telephone systems within your business.

Use Strong Passwords

Strong passwords can be a strong deterrent for hackers. The harder your password is to crack, the less likely someone will be able to access the data. This goes for computers as well as mobile devices and apps within mobile devices.

Strong passwords should have 8 characters or more and include numbers and symbols. One great way to make passwords is to use an easy to remember phrase and substitute a few symbols for letters such as “Ih^vE*blue3hoes” (I have blue shoes) or to turn on two-factor authentication on your devices. Use different passwords for your personal and business accounts and remember to change your passwords regularly.

Incorporate Mobile Safety

Mobile devices use WiFi and these open neteworks are easily accessible to others Security precautions such as multi-factor authentication and encryption help keep data secure. Train employees to be careful about where they conduct work, to use care in downloading secure data onto a mobile device, and to keep track of mobile devices to reduce security risks. Mobile safety relies on both how secure the phone, laptop or tablet is, as well as how the user handles the mobile device.

Design Safe Systems

Computer systems and phone systems usually have ports like a USB drive that allow information to travel. It’s important to have only a few ports so that traffic can be monitored. If using a shared cloud drive, ensure that access is granted only to those who need access. 

Another important part of a safe system is to use the system for work related functions only. Outside software, personal email, and links can allow a system to be comprised more easily. Software can have weak points that are susceptible to hacks and personal email and links can bring in viruses. Monitoring, and updating systems is an important part of keeping an entire system safe.

Monitor Your Employees

Careful interviewing, background checks, and in office monitoring can help you to select honest, ethical employees. One of the largest sources of corporate theft is from inside sources. For example, a seemingly good employee could allow access to sensitive business information to a friend or family member.

In addition to careful screening, letting employees know they are monitored can help reduce crime. Let employees know you trust them but need to be sure business data, access to accounts, and access to technology is managed carefully.

Monitor Your Door

Hackers and other criminals can sometimes get into your data by walking into your office. This is easier than breaking into an account remotely. You can do several things to secure a work area such as monitor doors and require employee identity badges and always lock your computer when you’re away from your desk. You can also monitor phone use and computer use by employee to spot patterns of suspicious behavior. There are several software programs you can invest in to track usage.

Thinking about potential risks can help you and your employees be more aware. Establish an environment of looking out for security breaches so you can spot them as soon as they occur and take action. Beacon Telecom can help you setting up a secure business phone system for your business