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Most people would agree that one of the more frustrating things for businesses is scheduling. When it comes to IT and telecom support, scheduling a time for a technician to visit your office is not only frustrating, but it’s a drain on benefits of remote telecom supportbusiness revenue and productivity as well.  

We’ve all suffered the tribulations of wasting away, sitting around, hopelessly waiting for a technician. When you’re running a business, you don’t have time for hours to get your system up and running. While you may have to endure an onsite service provider in your private life, you can’t afford to have the same downtime in your professional environment. Luckily, with the advent of technology we’re able to eliminate this antiquated client-service provider dance and bring services to our customers immediately and without that dreaded wait time.     

Many owners of small and medium-sized businesses appreciate the personal interaction of an on-site technician visit. But aside from seeing a person working on your system, there a few reasons a business owner should prefer on-site technical support. Remote telecom support can provide nearly all of the support that an on-site technician can provide and provides several added benefits. 

1. Efficiency

The ability to call on and receive personalized support in a mere instant is a far cry from the service windows to which we’ve become accustomed. With a hosted telecom system, the help you need only a phone call away, you’ll mitigate down time for your business. This means that your business is back up and running much more quickly than if you’d waited for support to make an on-site visit.

2. Cost Effective

Seeing as how support never needs to leave their desk to fix your problems, remote support lends itself to a pocketbook friendly business model. Businesses like Beacon Telecom that offer remote support are able to assist more clients (because they’re not wasting time on the road) and do so at a lower cost. That that savings is passed to you, the customer and business owner.

3. Decreased Disruptions

If you own a storefront business, the last thing you want is for your customers to see you’re having any type of issue. Strangers stomping through your store, carrying tools, is not something you’d like to subject your clients to, and neither do we. With remote support, your telecommunications issues can be resolved seamlessly and completely undetected.   

Over 70% of all IT needs can be resolved remotely. That means that 70% of all your problems can be solved simply by making a phone call. With remote support, you’ll end up paying less for a better quality service. Does your telecom service offer remote support. Contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more about how Beacon Telecom can quickly and efficiently solve your business’s telecom issues.