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During a typical business day, you may need to answer business calls while out of the office, get in on a conference call, and check your voicemail.

All of these functions require a good business phone system. It is vital to have a quality phone system to communicate within your office and to those with whom you do business. When you select a phone system company there are some key considerations to keep in mind.

What type of system do you need?

Business phone systems range from simple to complex. Before thinking about your company’s budget, consider what your needs are. You can choose from an on premise solution or hosted solution. What’s the difference?

  • On premise solutions are more expensive initially because of the required equipment (phones and phone lines) as well as installation. These systems are better for companies who need a large number of phone lines and the option to grow.
  • Hosted solutions have lower initial costs, are more flexible, and can be used between offices and in remote locations. Since this type of system uses an Internet connection, they take up less space and can incorporate an existing phone system (if it is compatible) as well as mobile phones.

What features and options are available?

Every business phone system needs basic features including voicemail, auto attendant or auto directory, call forwarding, caller ID, follow me, conferencing, speaker phone, and diagnostic tools. Choosing any additional features, such as data storage, depends on your business needs. A good phone service offers different options instead of one size fits all.

Many businesses opt for a VoIP system with mobile options. This allows for more flexibility. Get to know the different options available so you can make an informed choice. Sometimes, a feature like Follow Me, which routes calls to wherever you are, can prove to be more valuable than you expect!

What type of customer support is available?

Phone systems need to be reliable. A reputable phone service provider should not only provide the business tools you need, but also technical training so you can use the features you have to their best advantage. Also, if there is ever a problem, you should be able to quickly get it resolved.

With an on premise phone system, you would be responsible for repairing any issues at your business. A hosted or cloud system offers technical support as part of your monthly fee. If having reliable technical support is important, a cloud based system is a good fit.

How can your phone service company work with you?

Just as your business changes to meet a changing world, your phone system needs to scale to your business. You need enough phone lines to handle busy calling times. You need enough bandwidth to handle conference calls. And you need a voicemail system that is easy to access.

This means finding a responsive phone system company who understands business needs and the newest technology.

When selecting a phone system vendor find out:

  • What phone system they partner with (such as Avaya, Nortel, etc…)
  • Who their customers are and if they are satisfied
  • How reliable their services are
  • What security measures they offer
  • The longevity of the company

A reliable company like Beacon Telecom, who partners with Avaya, has years of experience and an excellent service record. We can help you find the phone system that is is right for your business.