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Structuring your company well is important. Carefully planning out the organizational structure, growth, and cash flow sets in place a strong future. Your communications system needs to be strong as well, and a strong system is a structured one. If your business uses a wired network for voice, data, and video then structured cabling is your best option.

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling combines such digital systems as voice, data, and video. The cable itself uses sockets, cables, and cable distributors brought together to form a single small cable. They reduce the need for multiple cables and bulky configurations. Simply plug the cable into the appropriate sockets to use your communication package. What advantages does structured cable bring to your business?

1. Installs Quickly

Structured cable is easy to install because it is one single cable. Your business communications provider simply installs the cable where needed to connect your business throughout.

2. Needs Fewer Updates and Maintenance

Because structured cable is so well designed, it does not need to be replaced as often. They are small and don’t crush or break easily. Repairs can be made easily on site or at connection points. Structured cable can also be monitored for system health to ensure consistent service.

3. Has High Bandwidth

Scaling up your communications package can be complicated. But with structured cable, you already have high bandwidth. This makes it easy to expand your communications system as your business grows.

4. Offers More Flexibility

Your provider can easily install or change locations of the cable if needed. Check that your service provider offers quality technical support. Also because structured cables are segmented into manageable blocks, it is easier to spot problems and resolve them.

5. Can Offer Cost Savings

Well designed and maintained communication systems can have higher initial costs but will pay a return with quality communications. Businesses who have flexible voice, data, and video capabilities are more efficient and more responsive to clients. Be sure to select the best communications solution for your business.

If you would prefer a wired communications solution instead of a IP or Cloud Solution, Beacon Telecom can help. Contact us to find out more about how to best meet your communications needs.