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what does analog cost your businessAnalog phone systems used to be the way to communicate 20 years ago. But in the last 20 years, business has changed dramatically. With the ease of connecting through the internet, business involves more people, more mobility, and more reach.

Video conferencing, instant messaging, and social media are easily available to connect business with other businesses as well as businesses with individual clients and customers. Analog phone systems are still used by some businesses but the efficiency, cost savings, and features of IP phone systems stand in stark contrast.

What are the costs of analog phone systems?

Lower cost to install

Analog systems are simply wires connected to phones. Installing them does not require specialized knowledge or careful configuration. A business may want to keep existing phone systems to save money. However the initial cost of installation should only be one factor in deciding what kind of business phone system you need.

Higher cost to maintain

An often hidden part of any technology is the cost of maintenance. In fact 50% of the current cost of analog phones currently is maintaining the lines and phones themselves. You cannot add more sophisticated phones or additional lines to an analog trunk. Service people have to replace old lines and other equipment.

Difficult to expand

Businesses expand and contract. If your communication system has one phone line per person, then when you expand or contract, your communication system doesn’t fit your business anymore. You cannot easily add or subtract physical lines. Also, analog phones do not have many of the essential features of IP phone systems such as video conferencing and data storage.

Limits ways to communicate

A limited phone system requires you to add other technologies needed in the modern business world. Every business needs to have multiple ways to attract clients, advertise, promote products or services, and collaborate. Cloud systems add data, conferencing and mobility as well as other valuable features.

Complicates how you get business done

If you have an analog phone system you have to add in a business computer system as well as software separately. These systems are usually not compatible, making the work day more complicated. Adding an IP phone system reduces the cost (by an average of 30% per month) while adding needed features. When your communication system is streamlined, your business functions more smoothly.

The optimal way to add a business phone system is to install a cloud communication system (approximately 30% of businesses). If you have an analog phone system you can upgrade to an IP phone system using VoIP telephones and a server. In fact 45% of businesses use a mix of IP and digital phone systems. Cloud systems add even more flexibility than internet based IP phone systems. Contact Beacon Telecom to find out which IP phone system is a great fit for your business.