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what to know moving business to cloudMost businesses run computer applications like CRM or Telecom systems. They also store digital content like sales figures, employee information, and project files. This requires a good computing system. Cloud services offers you a reliable and efficient remote computing system. When you use cloud services, you get a scalable solution with less worry about access or technical support. Connect anytime from your business internet system to your cloud software, content, or data storage.

So, what will be affected when you move your business to the cloud? Here are the things you need to know before making the move.


Cloud solutions do require some time to move data over but cloud services offer time savings. A good cloud service provider maintains the hardware that stores your data as well as solves any technical problems. When you sign up for cloud services, your provider gives you instructions on how to transfer files over to their data center. Usually this is a seamless process so you don’t have to spend a lot of time moving and managing your files.


It’s important to know that cloud solution providers vary in cost. A private system, because of better security and reliability, is more expensive than public options but still cost effective. Be sure to find out about the monthly costs and how much storage space or operating capability at each level of service. It is important to note that any cloud service needs good internet connectivity. 


You probably know it is important to backup your business data. Cloud data storage offers backup storage for you. However, data stored at another location can be breached, damaged or lost. A good cloud services provider does frequent backups to safeguard your data. What security measures do they have in place? With any data storage, you do have to consider the possibility of data loss or compromise.


Cloud services do have some downtime to upgrade hardware or software. A quality data center should minimize any interruption for technical issues or resolution management. Upgrades can be done at night or on weekends. Remember to keep your cloud service contact information handy so you can easily find out the status of any technical issues. Beacon’s good customer service reassures you that you have made a good choice.


Good news! Having a cloud services company monitor, maintain and upgrade the hardware for you saves you time and money. When you move your data storage to a cloud provider, you will gain the ability to grow and secure your data storage at a lower cost than maintaining hardware yourself. Beacon Telecom offers quality business cloud services.

Final Thoughts

One solution that many businesses chose is to have a hybrid cloud option. You may use cloud software or store larger portions of your business content in the cloud and store the rest on site. This option lets you have the flexibility of a cloud system with the reassurance of having some content close by for easy monitoring.