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Cloud based computing is all the rage at the moment, with the entire industry estimated to be worth over $400 billion by 2020.

For businesses looking to reduce their IT costs, switching to cloud based IT infrastructure can reduce costs and offer the most modern features. That’s why more and more businesses are switching their traditional on-site phone systems to the cloud as well.

But do you know just what a cloud phone system can do for a business like yours?

Here are five benefits you might not have considered.

Portable Infrastructure

If you’re setting up a new business office, or you’re looking to upgrade, having the most modern communications solution will be near the top of your priority list. One of the benefits of having a cloud based phone service is the remote flexibility it offers users.

By running your infrastructure ‘in the cloud’, you can connect to it anywhere. Multiple offices can share the same internal phone system, as can remote workers from their homes.

Thanks to the growth of smartphones, you can even bring this functionality to mobile applications on personal phones, making it easier for remote workers to stay in contact.

Cloud based infrastructure can benefit your business in more ways than one. Here are three reasons why you could make your business more efficient by having your IT systems in the cloud.

Modern Features

With a cloud based phone network, you can have the most modern features available without needing to upgrade your equipment.

It also means that for smaller operations, you get access to features that might only be seen in much larger businesses, such as having a virtual receptionist respond to queries.

These features might seem futuristic, but they can supercharge the productivity in your office. Video conference tools, for instance, can help you work with your clients or remote employees with ease.

If you’re paying for a modern phone network, you want the most advanced features. Installing a cloud based phone service can provide modern features at a reasonable cost.

Here are answers to the top questions you might want to know about cloud based VoIP systems.

More Effective Management

Using any kind of IT solution can result in a breakdown at some stage. When that happens, what do you do? You call in tech support.

Thanks to a cloud based system, rather than waiting for IT engineers to come to your location to deal with the upkeep and maintenance of your phone infrastructure, much of the management will be external.

After all, much of the network is run ‘via the cloud’ on external servers. You don’t have to worry about the upkeep because that will be taken care of automatically.

This means you don’t have to hire IT support staff with the skills needed to setup and run these systems yourselves. It increases your business productivity, as you’re outsourcing the management of these solutions to professionals.

Because you’re paying for the service, you’ll be paying for customer service and maintenance included. Most business services will also guarantee a high percentage of uptime in your service level agreement, meaning you can be sure of reliability.

Easily Scaled

Expanding a business means expanding your infrastructure around it. IT infrastructure, like your phone system, is no different.

Thankfully, with a cloud based option, you wouldn’t need to worry. One of the biggest benefits of a cloud phone network is that you can easily scale it to meet the requirements of your particular operation.

Are you a business with ten workers or a thousand? It doesn’t matter. Cloud based networks are designed to scale to match, giving you the capacity you need without worrying about the cost.

It also gives you flexibility for location. If you move offices, you don’t need to worry about the strain of having to transport your infrastructure, because much of it is held offsite.

Remote workers also get to benefit, as they can take advantage of combining their own smartphones to your business phone network. They can take calls as if they were in the same office.

Whatever your business plans are, a phone network like this can make communication easy for everyone.

Lower Costs

Most workers see a phone on their desk, use it, and expect it to work. They won’t be thinking about the cost, effort, and maintenance required to keep that important method of communication open.

Traditional phone infrastructure is expensive, however. It requires an entirely separate network for you to use. VOIP systems, which operate on your computer network, have similar costs involved, especially when installation and maintenace are considered.

Cloud based systems reduce that cost to the handsets you may have and the service fee you’ll pay for the service. This significantly reduces the cost, both upfront and over time, for a business phone network.

Thanks to the scalability we’ve also mentioned, you’ll also only pay for what you use, rather than having to plan and pay for a set number of phones.

A cloud based phone network can lower your costs, but you can reduce your IT outgoings in other ways. Check out these six ways you can reduce your IT business costs.

Benefits of a Cloud Based Phone System

There’s a reason cloud based communications are so popular for businesses.

A cloud based phone service can reduce costs, especially if you’re looking to scale up the equipment you need. It also provides you with the most modern features, with portability if you need it.

The benefits of a cloud based phone system are obvious for all sizes of business, so why not take the plunge? If you’re interested in your own cloud phone system, check out the services we could offer you.

Got any questions? Feel free to get in touch, we’re happy to help!