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COVID-19, in many ways, has changed the modern business landscape more drastically than any single event in recent history. Seemingly overnight, businesses needed to rapidly shift from traditional brick and mortar offices to remote, online work.

For most, this required the rapid deployment of multi-vendor solutions. Businesses needed technology to empower their teams to collaborate and service their clients effectively, all from their homes. However, it has placed an enormous burden on IT personnel to provide, manage and secure these new multi-vendor solutions.

By implementing a centralized network management system, like the Extreme Management Center, you can make your entire IT ecosystem visible and relieve your IT members from this stress. How exactly does a network management system function, though?

Keep on reading to learn why enterprise customers are utilizing this software.

What Is a Network Management System?

A network management system provides a Single-Pane-of-Glass interface. It manages and monitors your entire wired and wireless network from Edge to Data Center.

Now you can use Extreme Management Center as a tool in your multi-vendor environment. It will quickly add new online services, reduce human error with automation, ensure compliance, and monitor activity down to the end-user.


The Extreme Management Center’s components allow you to see all the users, applications, and tools from a Single-Pane-of-Glass dashboard. This dashboard will tell you if there are problems within any of these sectors.

The edge is where end-users will access the platform. Using Smart OmniEdge Solutions enhances their experience using your network management system.

Unlike a traditional network edge, artificial intelligence manages it. Plus, it performs tasks automatically, rather than requiring human intervention.

ExtremeControl & ExtremeAnalytics

With ExtremeControl, you can make changes anywhere from the private cloud to the edge. You only need one security system to protect the information in these locations. Customization is essential in this center as well.

You can create and apply policies for specific users and apps. Additionally, you can allocate resources to where they need to be.

Using the ExtremeAnalytics, you can keep track of how efficiently the systems run. This automation creates more time to work on other advancements.

Nobody has to sit around, waiting for problems to arise. The management system will alert them of issues immediately and divert any traffic that could slow it down.

You have real-time analytics and immense control over the Extreme management system, partly because of their Agile Data Center Networking solution. You can also deploy third-party apps without needing another hardware device.

What Are the Benefits of a Management System?

The main perk of having a management system is automation. It brings multi-vendor solutions into a single-pane-of-glass interface.

Automation and visibility make it easier for the IT ecosystem to run efficiently. It keeps track of all your tools and devices for you, making it easy to see what needs updating or changing.

Another upside of using the Extreme Management Center is that it decreases downtime. Less time spent updating means a better experience for the user. It also leads to cost-efficiency, as you won’t be paying extra for the time that users cannot spend on the system.

If you are working for a healthcare provider, know that the Extreme management system meets HIPAA requirements. Additionally, if your company sells products, the network configurations meet PCI and GDPR standards. Therefore, you can reassure your customers that their information is secure.

One of the most considerable benefits of using Extreme is their ExtremeConnect sector. It “offers integration with major enterprise platforms.”

These platforms include AWS, VMware, OpenStack, and more. If you’d prefer to create the integrations yourself, use the application programming interface to do so.

Appliances come in the hardware version of the Extreme Management Center. It is available in two options.

One holds 5,000 devices, and the other can handle up to 10,000 devices. There is also a virtual option that you can deploy on a ZIP file or an OVA file.

IT Ecosystem Tips and Tricks

There are a few steps you should have your IT employees take to maximize their management system usage. The first being, paying attention to your system’s baselines.

That way, you can spot when things aren’t running the way they should. Layering your system to identify an issue’s location will also decrease the time it takes to fix it.

Since IT teams are usually a small group of people working for a huge company, it is best to have one person deal with a specific issue. You can resolve problems quicker this way as well. Furthermore, you should set up your network so that the IT department can access it when there is a security issue.

Onboarding is already easy to do when you use a network management system but even more so with Extreme. This company has an Automated Campus that allows you to onboard “Bring Your Own Device” users faster than a traditional campus network.

It also decreases human-error by 100%. You’ll still want to plan updates, though, to ensure that it remains effective when more users join the network.

Purchase an Extreme Management Center

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