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Whether you are thinking about upgrading your business communications system or adding a new service, there are important factors to consider when deciding between hosted and on-premise unified communications.  How do you decide?

One of the largest deciding factors is the cost comparison. A second is your security concerns. If you must have a secure system and greater uptime, an on-premise system is more secure.  

Let’s explore the differences between hosted and on-premise with regard to these considerations.

Hosted Unified Communications

Below are the core characteristics of a hosted unified communications system.

  • Less expensive to operate and make calls
  • Low installation costs because most of the equipment is off-site
  • Easy to use on-site or with mobile devices using the cloud
  • Fewer IT worries because infrastructure is hosted by a data center
  • Ability to recover from security and disaster issues depends on the quality of the data center

Hosted systems are operated by a third party from a data center. Usually, these centers are dedicated facilities containing servers and a technical staff. This allows you to purchase the plan (instead of all the equipment) you need at the price that best fits your business needs. They are cost effective, offer great communication features, and clear voice. It is a good idea to check the quality of the data center where your system is housed. 

On-Premise Unified Communications

Core characteristics of an on-premise unified communications system include:

  • Vary in operations costs depending on the size of organization (larger organizations require more operating power)
  • Allow you to opt for high-quality equipment and customized features
  • Require an IT staff to monitor and troubleshoot
  • Easily handle technical problems on-site
  • Highly secure

An on-premise option is best for businesses who want greater control over their communications systems. Though these systems are more expensive, they are easier to make secure. This option entails purchasing the servers, telephones, and other communication equipment you need to install the system throughout your business. Organizations such as security or healthcare companies can maintain all systems on site for greater peace of mind.

Prices and required equipment vary between systems. Be sure to check that your business will have much-needed features such as seamless interface software, integration, conferencing, and scalability. Contact Beacon Telecom for more information.